New Tools!

Color me a happy camper! I’m getting improvements to various tools important to making this blog.

Firstly, my apartment complex decided that I did indeed need a new range. Friday, it was delivered and installed. It is beautiful…unsoiled by previous tenants. Most importantly, the oven maintains AN ACCURATE TEMPERATURE! Previously, if I wanted to cook something at 350 degrees, I’d have to set the gauge to 400 degrees. One could see how this could be a problem…especially when a recipe called for a temperature other than 350 degrees F.

Secondly…I’m getting a new camera!! I’ve been using an old Kodak DC280, a camera that was pretty decent 5 years ago…but has easily shown its age and limitations. It doesn’t do close up shots very well, and does not do night shots at all.

So, in its stead, I have just ordered the Olympus C-8080, a camera that has so many bells and whistles that it has a learning curve over three weeks. I may have it as soon as Friday, but more than likely, it should be here on Monday.

Color me very happy.

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