Noooooooo!!!!! (For Seattle Residents Only)

I know that this doesn’t affect about 98% of you, but Dan Savage is reporting in The Stranger’s blog (called Slog) that the infamous Capital Hill coffeehop B&O espresso may be forced to close.

An ominous notice has gone up at B&O Espresso on Olive Way: The building the B&O is in may be torn down to make way for yet more condos. “It’s kind of up in the air, and it won’t be for a while,ˮ Katharine, a manager, told me when I called B&O. “The city put up a sign, and it looks like the soonest it would happen would be a year and a half from now.ˮ

I’ve only lived here three some odd years, and even I have an affinity for the place. Good coffee, GREAT desserts and really nice sandwiches. And as a bit of trivia, it’s reputed that this is where the some of the band members for Pearl Jam decided upon their name, way back in the day. This is as close to an institution that Capital Hill has.

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