North American Whisk(e)y Tour 2008

And the “research” continues – here is the current itinerary, with the first week being very busy, the second week not so much.

  • March 29th – Arrive Pittsburgh
  • March 30th – Lament the loss of the East Coast Distilleries
  • March 31st – Flight to Louisville and a quick jaunt to the Jim Beam Distillery
  • April 1st – Heaven Hill distillery in the am, Woodford in the PM
  • April 2nd – Buffalo Trace
    in the AM – Drive to Nashville in the PM.
  • April 3rd – Jack Daniel’s Distillery in the am, George Dickel in the PM, drive to Atlanta.
  • April 4th – Flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • April 5th – Lament the fact that the Glenora Distillery is closed.
  • April 6th – Day off
  • April 7th – Flight to Toronto
  • April 8th – Forty Creek Distillery
  • April 9th – Old Distillery District Tour in Toronto in the am; drive to Windsor in the PM.
  • April 10th – Visit Canadian Club Brand Canter
  • April 11th – Tour Walkertown in Windsor, Windsor city archives
  • April 12th – Return to Toronto as to not pay exorbitant car rental fees.
  • April 13th – Seattle bound

Some of these are set in stone, others can be altered as time allows. If anyone else is interested in meeting or setting up an interview, e-mail me at kate AT accidentalhedonist DOT com. Canadian Whisky folk are highly encouraged, as there’s comparatively very little in the way of historical documentation in regard to Canada’s place in whisky history, especially when stacked against America and Scotland.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to meet folks just to meet. So if interested, drop me a line.