Not so fast on the recent HFCS study

So…that HFCS study from Princeton that gives credibility to the idea that High Fructose Corn Syrup is evil?

Yeah, not so much.

Marion Nestle (Yes, THAT Marion Nestle) says this isn’t the magic bullet, and in fact, the study in of itself may have flaws.

Although the authors say calorie intake was the same, they do not report calories consumed nor do they discuss how they determined that calorie intake was the same. This is an important oversight because measuring the caloric intake of lab rats is notoriously difficult to do (they are messy).

As for me? I’m done looking for this evidence in the news. I don’t like HFCS and avoid it when possible. It added more sugar to our American diet that was already sugar-laden at the time it was introduced. Beyond that? I don’t know, and more importantly, no one else has provided substantial evidence of “teh evils” of HFCS versus excessive consumption of cane sugar. Proof may be out there somewhere, and we may someday learn that HFCS may be the singular cause of everything from diabetes to stigmata, but my default position from here on out is that we have simply too much of it in our diet. Period.

Wake me when we have real proof of otherwise.

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