Ode to a Carrot Pudding

With apologies to Ernest L. Thayer

O’ little pudding
siting in the pot
Woe to the cook
who thinks her skills are hot

I’m apprehensive of the recipe
but I still concede to do it
The first problem quickly arrives
I cannot find any suet

I use margarine in place of the kidney’s tallow
I’m told it’s a good replacement
Now I wish I’d taken that advice
and buried it in the basement

I combine the carrots with pomme de terre
And add a bit of flour
Add some spices, throw it all in a mold
And watch it steam for hours

Hour one I sit their waiting
watching water steam
I hear the bubbles popping
As if I’m in a dream

Hour two I’m getting anxious
Wondering if it’s good
How is the pudding cooking
beneath the pudding mold’s hood?

Hour three is upon me
the end is finally near
I pull the pudding from the pot
and give a silent cheer

Alas the joy is all for naught
This recipe I so rue
’cause it’s less of a carrot pudding
and more of a carrot goo

Oh, somewhere in this favored land
the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere,
and somewhere hearts are light.

And, somewhere men are laughing,
and little children shout,
but there is no joy in in my house
’cause I’m going to go and pout.

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