Ode to a Cheeseburger

Just your basic Cheeseburger

Sometimes, you have to give in. Sometimes, in this culture of organic-this, natural-that, gluten-free, and allergen-observant, sometimes its best to go to the food items that remind us why we love food in the first place. In my world, one of those foods is the good ol’ cheeseburger.

Under-appreciated by some, and over-analyzed by others, the cheeseburger is one of those dishes which many of us take for granted. Which is exactly how it should be. The cheeseburger falls into the rare and all-to-forgotten category of “It takes real effort to screw up”. When all you need to do is grill a hamburger patty, add, cheese, and then place on a toasted bun, those of us who have tried to distinguish the variations of quality (myself included) have missed the point. It’s a cheeseburger after all, not Coq au Vin or Peking Duck.

Oh cheeseburger, there are times I want you to be perfect. But I have to remind myself that this isn’t necessarily the best approach to eating one. Sometimes it’s best to consume one with fries and a milkshake, and let it be nothing more than that.

Now, with all that being said, sharp-eyed readers from the Seattle area will recognize this burger as being from Burgermaster, a place that is no slouch in the fast-food burger business. Is it a perfect cheeseburger? Nope. But it doesn’t need to be, does it?