Ode to Breakfast

I’m gonna take a step back from all of the “Sky is falling” posts of late, and return to a basic concept – the joy of food. I’m goin’ old school, food blog style.

Specifically, I want to talk about what we Americans consider breakfast foods: Eggs, cured pork products, and some sort of fried potatoes.

For all my talk and exploration of different foods, it is breakfast that makes my heart sing. Add some fresh bread or pastry, and you’ll find me beaming.

How it’s presented matters little to me. Eggs over easy, poached, scrambled, in a hobo, on a pile, in an omelette, or in a fritatta, topped with cheese, tobasco, or seasoned with the basic salt and pepper, these little poultry presents are the best way to start the day. The sizzle and pop of the eggs on the hot surface is one of those sounds that makes me believe that everything is okaay, and that there’s no need to panic.

Then there’s the pork – bacon or ham, sausage in links or patty, the sweetness of the pig meat combined with whatever curing technique the producer deemed appropriate partners nicely with the butter that the eggs were cooked in. Cholesterol? Feh. I’ll worry about that after 2 pm.

To wash it all down is an easy choice – a hot cup of coffee with a titch of cream. Sure the taste is important, but the real reason for the java is for the aroma it brings to the table, intermingling with the smell of fried butter and the spiciness of the pork.

Oh, and a key point here – my preference is to have it at a diner. I don’t mind making breakfasts, but is there anything better than taking a book or newspaper to the local greasy spoon, being sat at a booth and then having the food brought to me? I know not to stay too long, but it seems that food tastes that much better when there’s a book to compliment the meal.

So let me speak the praises of breakfast, the best meal one can have with a good book.

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