Off Across the Ocean

Another travel day, another two countries to be ticked off of my ‘to-do’ list.

I’m writing this at the airport, that dysfunctional building found twenty miles away from most American cities (except for Las Vegas, who inexplicably has McCaren Airport a mere mile from the strip). I’m finally at the gate, after dealing with the many insults to convenience, dignity, and courtesy that are perpetuated upon us by Airlines looking to streamline process, Governments looking to maintain a theater of fear, and individuals who have literally shoved an elderly couple aside so that they can shave one minute off of their time to the gate.

And by the way, did you know that we’re still at an Orange alert?

Yes, I’m a tad grumpy. Airports make me crazy. Luckily their existence is designed to get you through them, so that your time in them should be limited. The end result? Ending up somewhere else, which is the sole purpose of traveling.

Where am I off to, you ask? This is what is planned.

Sept. 25th – 27th: Brussels, Belgium Drinking, and city exploration, with a museum or two.

Sept. 27th – 29th: Cologne, Germany More drinking and city exploration, with a visit to the chocolate museum. Yes, a museum dedicated to all things chocolate. My heart is a flutter, but that may be arrhythmia that has yet to be found by a doctor.

Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st: Stuttgart Germany Plans are to hang out at the Canstatter Volksfest, and then a trip to one of King Ludwig II’s castles.

Oct. 1st – 4th: Munich, Germany Oktoberfest and exploring the city on Reunification day.

What this means is that over the course of the next ten days, you’ll see posts and pictures about the food and beer that is consumed.

Mmmm….beer. I think I had an idea that would make the airport experience better. One free draught beer once you reach the gate. It would give us aggravated travelers a little something to look forward to.

See y’all in Belgium!