Off to Kentucky and Pomegranate Juice

Today’s a travel day for me, as I head to the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, Kentucky. This means three different airports, two airplanes, and one annoying security line. Meh. I like traveling, except that whole, y’know, traveling part.

Meanwhile, just to let y’all know that I’ve been keeping my eye on the news comes the following:

Some Pomegranate Juice Products Deceive Consumers With Dishonest Labels and Ingredients, Reveals Newly Published Consumer Guide on

For anyone who has followed the juice trade, this shouldn’t so much of a big surprise. However, if you are in the market for these kind of juices, it does pay to read the labels, especially the ingredient list.

If you’re interested in reading the full consumer guide, it’s located here, but be prepared to spend a few minutes, as the report is put on several pages, under the guise of a phototour.