On to Milwaukee

I don’t necessarily wish to insult a city before actually having been there, but let me state that it’s likely quite rare that a person has dreams that,one day, just maybe, they might be able to make it to Milwaukee. Those are typically the stories best left for cities like New York, London, and Hollywood.

However, I have found myself of late wistfully wondering of the possible joys of Beer city. I’m probably over-romanticizing the place, but my minds eye sees a working class city, strong in both it’s Midwest location and ethnic roots. The food is hearty, and beer flows freely.

Yeah, a bit heavy on the romanticism methinks.

At any rate, I’ll be in Milwaukee for the next few days, drinking beers both great (which means a local microbrewery is in the future) and sad (which means a trip to Millers). I will also be trying to fit in a few of the local culinary traditions, including fish fries, butter burgers, and custard ice cream.

Pictures and commentary will be posted here, but if you want up to the moment coverage, feel free to look me up on Twitter. I’m the one usually griping about something or another.