On to Vancouver, BC!

I will be heading to Vancouver this weekend…the land of milk and hone (no wait, that’s not right)…

Vancouver! The City that never Slee….(Damn… that’s not right either).

Vancouver – whose official motto is: Thank GOD we’re not Calgary!

Vancouver – named after Captain George Vancouver, (who also discovered Vancouver Island and Vancouver, Washington right here in the US), to celebrate the fact that one day, he entered the natural inlet and famously exclaimed “Oh crap! The Spanish have already discovered Vancouver!” and promptly left the next day.

Vancouver – who has an area of their city named after someone called “Gassy Jack”.

Vancouver- who still has a chip on their shoulder about not being the provincial capital of British Columbia.

Vancouver – home to nearly 50% of the entire population of British Columbia…Yowza!

Vancouver – the city that killed Errol Flynn! Well, not killed as much as Flynn died upon.

Vancouver – hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Can you tell I’m a bit excited about this? I cannot wait to be in Vancouver, the Windy City.

Crap, that’s not right either! What the heck is Vancouver’s nickname?