One Reason (of many) why I dislike Kraft

The intial title of this post was “Why I hate Kraft”, which I suppose is a bit harsh. I’ve strong feelings against this multinational corporation, and some would say that this is a bit irrational on my part. So in my own defense, I figured I would, from time to time, provide specific reasons for my distaste for most of what Kraft stands for.

There were many reasons I could choose from, and I’ll leave those for another time. This reason is more of an appetizer, perhaps an Apéritif if you will.

Below is a picture I’ve taken feature a hunk of cheese. This particular cheese is called ‘Morbier Perrin’. This cheese is creamy and complex. It’s not as soft as Brie, not as sharp as Bleu, and not as hard as Parmesan. It’s one of my favorite Cow’s Milk Cheese

My Idea of what Cheese should be
Morbier Perrin Cheese

If you want to see what Kraft believes to be cheese, click below the jump.