One Reason why Americans dislike Anchovies

A recent post by Adam made me want to address an issue. We here in America are being sold a load of hooey when it comes to anchovies. When you mention the word anchovies, people will literally bristle. They have bad memories of it. I think this is due to several reasons. Anchovies are as salty as a sailor’s language. They’re drowned in a thick viscous oil. But mostly, I think, it’s Because they look like this:

American Anchovy

It looks like a pickled slug. If I was one with an tentative tongue, I’d be hesitant to anything that looked like the above.

Now here are a few anchovies I picked up at a local gourmet shop -



It looks like fish, not like something that has been sitting in the corner, getting grey and mildew-ey, for the past five months. If we Americans had access to the latter more than the former, I suspect that there would be more anchovy fans in the States.

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