Organic Food Fraud (pt 1)

I’ve been beating the “Organic Food Fraud” drum for a while, but I acknowledge that it’s going to take some education before people start getting up in arms about this. The latest example comes from Scotland, but one should keep an eye open for cases like this happening here in the States.

The first two paragraphs get right to the heart of the matter…

BRITAIN’S organic food sector is facing its first major crisis after an investigation uncovered considerable levels of fraud within the industry.

The level of malpractice extends to producers passing off food as organic and the use of incorrect or unregulated certification.

Like I said previously…In order to know what is organic, you have to know the rules. So, if you want to know what legally constitutes “organic” head to the National Organic Program site.

Yes, that was a cold chill you felt go down your back as clicked on the link… you see, the National Organic Program is under the Governance of the USDA. And we all know how efficient the USDA has been lately. More on this as I get time…

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