Organic Milk Update

One of the major contentions within the Organic movement is how some companies are stretching the definition of what “organic” should be. Milk is a prime example of this, where dairy cows are supposed to have access to pasture. Unfortunately, several companies operate under the letter of the law, but not the spirit of it, by ensuring that there’s an access, but no cows crossing the threshold of the access.

Nice, huh?

Gristmill is reporting that this may change here in the near future, with the USDA’s National Organic Program will address this very issue.

the NOP is now considering a proposed regulation that would require all organic dairy farms to meet a certain standard for letting their cows out into pasture. Current USDA regulations only require that organic cows have “access to pasture,” which, says (Samuel) Fromartz, “is akin to requiring a gym membership without mandating regular visits to the gym.”

Big Dairy clearly doesn’t like this, but smaller dairies do, because it will seperate their product from the likes of Horizon. If you’re looking for the first big battle between small organic versus industrial organic, this would be it.

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