Parmesan Cheese Standards and Kraft Foods

It seems as if the FDA is considering an application by Kraft Foods to lower the minimum required curing period standards for Parmesan Cheese to six months from the current ten months.

Regular readers here at the Hedonist will know that this news report is false, as we’ve illustrated a number of times how Kraft has no standards, har har har.

Seriously though, in the petition Kraft has claimed to have new technology that allows them to create the “parmesan cheese” in a shorter period of time. That new technology? An improved enzyme. That’s right, they’ve engineered their own protein. This is supposed to make me feel better how?

But the choice quote in the article?

…consumer taste panels confirmed that the grated six-month cured product is considered to be equivalent in taste, texture and cooking properties to grated parmesan cheese currently available to consumers

Or to put it another way, the new Kraft Parmesan tastes the same as the old Kraft Parmesan, which is also to say that it still doesn’t taste like real Parmigiano-Reggiano.

(via eGullet)

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