Pasta Bella

Pasta Bella

5909 15th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, Washington 98107-3009

ph: 206.789.4933

It’s difficult to find a traditional Italian Restaurant here in the Emerald City. High hopes were had for Pasta Bella on Queen Anne’s
Hill. Sadly, the best that can be said about the place is that the dining room was comfortable to sit in.

The Bruschetta was the best part of the food eaten, even if the garlic tomato opping to teh tasted bread was piled high. It would be that kind
of evening.

The Risotto was supposed to have sausage and chicken (after all, it was called Risotto alla Salsiccia di Pollo, but nary a morsel of sausage could be found. The risooto itself was cooked well, except for being cooked in Chicken broth AND hit a few times with the salt. A few too many times if you were to ask me.

The Spinach manacotti was simply odd, carrying two disimilar flavors with the crab and the ricotta. The flavors didn’t go together, but they didn’t work against each other either. Instead, the manicotti ended up tasting both like and ricotta like, both competing with each other, and neither winning.

The less said about the Tiramisu the better. The lady finger pastry was mealy, and lacking in espresso flavor. Lacking the espresso flavor is
not necessarily a bad thing, but when there’s nothing to replace it, you essentially have an empty taste to the dessert. That it sat in hazelnut fudge icing did nothing but give me an excuse to avoid eating the cake itself.

All of this together left both of us diners feeling unsatisfied as we walked away. The place isn’t horrible, but it’s certainly not going out of your way for.

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