Paula Deen is a Mad Genius

No, wait. I’m serious!

I have never made any of her recipes, and I think I’ve only watched her show once or twice, but dammit, I’m not afraid to say it. Paula Deen? She’s my hero.

Here is a woman who isn’t afraid to drink butter on television. Her recipes are more of a dare than a dish. Every time I read a recipe of hers, my id becomes vocal. “C’mon…you know you want to eat this”. As I look at the baser parts of my personality, I have to admit, that yeah, I kinda do want to have taste her cherry cream cheese pie, and that I want to get my daily vegetable requirements by eating her cheesy broccoli bake. Her fried biscuits call to me in my nightmares, and she’s unabashed about eating fried pork chops.

And now? Now she has supplied us with a recipe that puts a hamburger, fried egg and bacon between two glazed donuts.

We need a crazy person on food television. Sure, sure, Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern eat weird foods that sometimes press people’s “ick” button. But Paula? Paula serves food that make doctors weep. How many food personalities can say that?

We need Paula. She shows us the darker, baser side of our culinary desires. She shows us how far can be too far, and that sometimes “too far” is an interesting place to visit.