Pied de Cochon Farci Périgourdine, Façon Bourgeoise

pig trotter stuffed with foie gras

Ah Paris…so much to eat and so little time. Honestly, it would have been easier if I’d worked on my gluttony skills before I left.

Pictured above is the plate of my dreams…Pied de Cochon Farci Périgourdine, Façon Bourgeoise, a pig’s foot, stuffed with foie gras. I’m unclear on how this was accomplished but I intend to get my greedy little hands on some trotters and attempt to recreate this sumptuous bowl of porky love. It was filleted, stuffed with foie gras, rolled up, crusted with a minimal coating of bread crumbs, cooked and served with a fabulous melange of demi glace, more pork, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes. Ooolala…this was one sexy beast.

If you’re ever in Paris stop by Au Pied de Cochon on the Rue Coquilliere and order the stuffed trotters. In the meantime let me know if you have any suggestions on how to execute the recreation of this plate.

I’ll be posting more about my Paris eating adventures at What Geeks Eat.