Pimp my Snack

I’m not sure why, but I found this site endlessly entertaining. The basic premise?

  • Take a favorite mass produced snack.
  • Find a way to recreate said snack, but make it bigger, badder, or stronger.

For example, the pic here illustrates a Snowball, made 500% (okay may 200%) bigger than the ones found in the supermarkets.

Added bonus? You get to see people writing such phrases as “you just pimped my HobNob!” and “Now in the spirit of bling and decadence, I did indulge in Cadbury’s chocolate to make my pimped snack”

Ahh.. Silliness and food. The two great tastes that make one tasty snack bar.

I’ll be back to honest to goodness food writing tomorrow. I promise.

(via eGullet)

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