Pimpin’ myself

I have been admonished in the past for not tootin’ my own horn when my horn has been…ahem…tooted by others. So for all of you who want to hear me toot, the following is for you.

The Guardian recently published a wonderful article about our favorite Foodie, Pim. In the post, Pim gets a load of well deserved compliments, where they call her a jet-setting culinary explorer who has a cult following.

At the bottom of the post, reads an internal Dialogue entitled “Eat my words … the world’s best food blogs”.

Mentioned in the same breath as Chocolate & Zucchini, Noodlepie, 101 Cookbooks, Pim and Is my Blog Burning?, is l’il ol’ me. This is what they said:

5. Accidentalhedonist


Nice name. Nice art deco design on the site too. I’m thinking Great Gatsby meets Anne Tyler.

Hmm. Think more along the lines of Nigella meets Michael Moore.

Urgh. I’ve got a fat man in a baseball cap winking seductively at me in my head.

That’s all wrong. You should have a sassy woman who knows her food but also has acerbic comments to make about corporate America and the food industry.

Sounds nice.

Sharp and sweet at the same time. Like a good lemon tart, washed down with plenty of dessert wine.

Not fat and decadent like a Big Mac dissolved in weak lager?

Definitely not.

Thanks for the nice words guys! Acerbic, sharp and sweet? Nicer things have never been said. We’ll have to talk about the Michael Moore thing tho’.

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