Pim’s Menu of Hope Update

Pim sent this to me and several others, with the intent of getting the word out. Most important point? The Just Giving Page is still up and running. I’ll let her state the rest of the issues from here:


Hi everyone!

Those of you on Typepad would have known this already, Typepad went down last night. When they came back up they used a backup copy from a few days ago, and lost all the posts from the last few days!

The problem is all the Menu for Hope pages are GONE! They might come back, I’m sure folks at Typepad are working on it, but I don’t want to lose momentum on this. We’ve been doing so well and go up by over a thousand every day! The last I checked we were at $6,473.00 and unfortunately there had not been any donation since Typepad went down. People must be wondering what is going on when they come to Chez Pim and couldn’t find any of the post on Menu for Hope.

Would those of you NOT on Typepad put a post up about this? Please inform your readers that the fundraising page is temporarily down, and we are working to get it up as soon as possible. In the meantime, the donation page at FirstGiving is still up.

Is there anyone who has a copy of the entire menu? If you do you might want to speak up so the rest of us can point to your copy while Typepad works on the problem. Thanks so much.

keep your fingers crossed!

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