Pork Domestication

Those of you who read this site regularly know that I’m a sucker for the history of food. For me it answers, not only the question of how we eat what we do, but also why.

In that vein, there’s a great post on BBC today about the domestication of pigs. Here’s a brief tidbit:

Until now, archaeologists generally assumed that after their initial domestication in these two locations, tame pigs were transported – through trade and human migration – around the world.

In many ways this is the simplest explanation: as farming methods spread during the Neolithic Age, new innovations and domestic animals were thought to have been passed through the human population.

But it seems the truth is a little more far fetched. Instead of importing tame pigs, people from several different countries domesticated the animals themselves.

This further cements my thought that ideas travel faster than technologies.

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