Pork: The Misunderstood Meat

You there… you! Yeah you! The one who overcooks pork for fear of trichinosis. Step away from the stove. Trichinosis is no longer the risk it used to be. Besides, it dies at 137 degrees F. So just stop eating dry pork chops. You’re upsetting the rest of us.

Leave a thin layer of fat on steaks, chops, and roasts during cooking to seal in juices. Trim fat after cooking.

For better browning, pat dry pork chops, cubes, and roasts with a paper towel.

Pork should have firm white fat and pale pink flesh. Avoid any pork that looks wet or has waxy-looking fat.

The darker the flesh, the older the animal.

Pork is best cooked between 145 degrees to 160 degrees F. Any higher than that and you risk drying out the meat.

Salt pork after cooking or browning. Salt draws out moisture and inhibits browning.

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