Post -Crash: Where we stand as I look through the rubble

*cough, cough, sputter, cough*

Boy oh boy is it a mess here. As Tara noted, we had a massive crash. Well, not “we” but the hosting company, whose name I will not utter in public until they’ve reached the desired level of obsequiousness that I’ve demanded of them. The crash lost everything from June 2004.

I can hear you asking,”Well, didn’t your hosting company back up their data?”

One would think that this would be the proper thing to do, but alas, they chose server speed over redundancy. The fact that their server was slower than a manatee on pot, I find this choice oddly ironic.

When I say the crash lost everything, I mean everything. Luckily, Tara had the foresight and mad 1337 5K331Z (That’s “Elite Skills” for those of you not conversant in hacker-speak) to backup our own entries database. The fact that this site is still standing and that we still have an archive is due solely to her. Please throw virtual flowers at her feet, because without her, I’d assuredly be at home, bawling my eyes out, screaming “WHY GOD? WHY?”, which would really be an event for the books, since I do not follow any mainstream western religious traditions.

So here’s a list of what we did lose.

  • The skin that held the design of AH. So Lynn‘s wonderful (and some would say wildly inaccurate) caricature of myself is no longer available. I did have a backup, but am considering not putting it back online for reasons I will mention below.
  • Almost every picture I had taken between June 2004- present that I had published with a post. I did make backups of those photos, but I had uploaded them to flickr, where they have the annoyign habit of changing the file name of each picture. So instead of just taking a picture and ftp’ing it over to my host where it will be instantly recognized by the relevent post, I will have to reload each and every picture to each and every post. This does not make me happy. So this may or may not happen. I have not yet decided.
  • E-mail. My E-mail ( is now working, but every address, every archived message, every IMAP setting I had set is gone. Not just those from after June 2004…nope. All of them. Gone. Possible forever.
  • Comments from when Tara last backed up the database until the crash. Essentially from Monday on.

Oddly enough, I am not as upset as I was yesterday. Knowing the words still exist, and that they’ve been restored puts me greatly at ease. Tara and I will get together this weekend and discuss what the future holds in store for Accidental Hedonist.

Don’t worry.. I’m not going away. I love this site, and feel oddly responsible to you the readers. What started back in January 0f 2004 as a way to practice my food writing and document my education of various food items and cuisines has evolved into something else entirely. We’ve gotten press that I hadn’t dreamed of (The fact that Accidental Hedonist was mentioned by the folks at Le Monde tickles me to no end, not to mention the half dozen or so other places where Accidental Hedonist has been mentioned). It’s also made me realize that there’s a great amount of potential in food blogs…a potential that I want to see fully realized.

So here’s what to expect over the next few weeks.

  • Complete blog redesign. I’m not changing the engine, I like b2evolution way too much. But I have been in contact with the folks at BlogMoxie and have commissioned them to do that voodoo that they do. I loved the design that they gave Too Many Chefs and wanted the same level of quality.
  • There may be a possible host move. The crash has shown the weakness of the hosting company that I am currently part of and both Tara and I have questioned their operating procedures. However, they are currently saying the right things and have made certain tentative promises that may prevent me from changing host servers. Below is what was said about sending out the crashed drive to a data restoration service:

    Time is of the essence and I want to get the drive to them by Friday Afternoon and have the recovered data by Satuday. The cost equals about 6 months revenue from Alpha (the server that crashed- Kate) which is actually financially poetic considering the age of the last backup.

    So the pictures and skin may be back by Sunday. But given their past track record, I am not holding my breath.

    I also know for a fact that my site is now on a brand spanking new server with a new remote backup system. I would not know this for certain on a new hosting service.

  • Tara and I are going to look at the mission of this site. Initially it was to be about food, travel and misc. Over the past year, it’s been almost entirely about food, a tiny bit about travel, and no misc. I’m thinking about making this food only, as that’s kinda/sorta what it’s evolved into.

What do I need from you, the reader? That’s easy.

  • Patience – it’ll be a few weeks until everything settles down.
  • E-mail – If you have sent me e-mail, and have gotten a bounceback, please e-mail me again. Or you can e-mail me so I have your e-mail address. Or you can e-mail me simply because you wish to talk to me. it matters not.

Many thanks to you, my readers, and here’s to the future of Accidental Hedonist.