Powdered Alcohol

Chalk this up to another bad idea: Senba is selling Powdered Alcohol, which is officially deemed a ‘flavoring’ even tho’ it’s 60 proof and Senba is saying the chief selling points are “No liquor permit required” and “Not taxed as a beverage (product is “denatured” with slight addition of salt)”.

So they think there’s a market for people who want to add alcohol as a flavoring. Of course that’s forgettting that most drinks are noted for their taste which masks or alters the alcohol taste of most alcohol beverages. Think about it:

Wine is known for the grapes, scotch for the malt, beer for the hops…each drink is a vehicle for delivering a mind-altering substance which, when it stands alone, tastes pretty horrid. Very few people actually like the taste of alcohol. What they do like are the flavorings that help deliver the alcohol.

That’s not to say that there will be NO market for this. I can see underage drinkers and those motivated by the drunk rather than the taste.

Update : Apparently Senba no longer sells this product, as the web page referred to was out of date. See, I told you there wasn’t a market for it.

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