Primanti Bros. Style Cappiocola Sandwich – Pittsburgh Recipes

Anytime you talk about food from Pittsburgh with a native Pittsburgher (Mmmm… Pittsburgher), inevitably we natives will bring up the wonderful sandwiches from Primanti Brothers.

We’re annoying like that.

The sandwich is a carb lovers dream, with big thick slices of bread, topped with french fries. There’s also cole slaw and then slices of deli meat. Don’t you judge me!

This is a classic sandwich and should be tried at least once in anyone’s life.

My own version uses a demi-baguette instead of thick slices of white bread. I also use cappiocola which is technically not on Primanti Bros. City menu, but can be found on their Suburban menu.

  • 1 demi-baguette
  • 1/2 lb of your favorite Deli Cuts, sliced (in my case – cappocola)
  • 6 oz. French Fries, direct from the Fryer
  • 3/4 cup cole slaw

Make your french fries as per your favorite recipe.

While the pototoes are frying, cut your baguette lengthwise. Place slices of deli meat on the bottom half of the bread.

scoop 1/4 of the cole slaw into the bread and spread over the top half of the sandwich.

When the fries are done, place them on a paper towel to allow excess grease to drain. Salt. Place fries on sandwich and top with remaining cole slaw. Slice sandwich in half and serve.

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