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Cookies and BrowniesIf the latest product that was sent to me for review is any indication, the word is out on how to get your company name mentioned on Accidental Hedonist: Use quality ingredients, respect your customers, taste good.

Not that it was all that difficult to figure this out.

This became clear to me when Brandi Daniels of Embrace Sweets e-mailed me, stating she wanted to send me some cookies. Having a bad experience with reviewing cookies previously, I was suspicious, but open. So imagine my surprise when the package arrived only a few days after we had exchanged e-mails.

Inside the box were several cookies and brownies. I looked at each one with apprehension. On each cookie there was an ingredient list that was contained items as peculiar and exotic as “Organic unbleached flour”, “Eggs” and “cane sugar”. What are these strange ingredients? Typically on cookies packages I see “tetrahydrobenzolatedconcubininate-80″ and “yellow 7″.

The next step was to compare the products against those to be considered “competition”. Who were my choices of competitors to compete against Embrace Sweet’s cookies? Chips Ahoy (an internationally known brand), and Cougar Mountain (a regional brand). Choosing Chips Ahoy was strictly an arbitrary decision, and not used to create cheap jokes at Kraft’s expense.

So, first, let’s do an ingredient count for the chocolate-chip cookies. The result?

Embrace Sweets – 9
Cougar Mountain – 11
Chips Ahoy – 7,987,121

I may have embellished one of the numbers above. I forget which one.

As for taste?

vs. Cougar Mountain: I preferred the taste of Embrace Sweets cookie to Cougar Mountain’s. Although I do enjoy Cougar Mountain’s cookie, I can taste the canola oil, which gives it an odd aftertaste. Such aftertaste is not present in Embrace Sweet’s cookie.

vs. Chips Ahoy: Oh please. If Chips Ahoy were a person, I’d smack them in the back of their head.

Embrace Sweets makes killer cookies and Brownies. That’s really all you need to know. If you don’t have the time to make your own, I would recommend them. They are a tad pricey, running about a buck a cookie. But this is comparable with cookies found in your local coffeeshop. They do not ship their products Friday – through Sunday, in order to ensure you receive the products in their freshest state. Call them at 888.905.2345 to place an order.

So other companies take note. In order for me to talk about your product in a good light on this site, use quality ingredients, respect your customers, and taste good.

Also throwing in a Toffee Almond Crunch Brownie wouldn’t hurt either.

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