Ready Pac and Green Onions

This L.A. Times article about the Taco Bell/E.Coli outbreak gives some interesting pieces of information:

New Jersey food safety regulators and the FDA are investigating two suppliers: McLane Foodservice and a Florence, N.J., facility operated by Irwindale-based Ready Pac Foods Inc.

McLane is the sole distributor of ingredients for Taco Bell restaurants in New Jersey, New York’s Long Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Ready Pac Produce processes lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Green onions are processed exclusively for Taco Bell in one section of the Ready Pac plant.

Ready Pac? Where have I heard that name recently?

Oh yeah….in the Spinach/E.Coli outbreak news from September. They were one of the many companies that distributed the spinach grown by the ironicially named Natural Selection Foods.

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