Red Stag Black Cherry Infused Bourbon

There’s a thing you should know about whiskey producers out there – they all seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Whether it’s Sortilege, a maple syrup infused whisky, to Macallan Amber, a discontinued whiskey liqueur infused with maple and pecan syrups, one does not have to look to hard to find whiskey liqueurs.

Jim Beam is clearly looking to gain some of this market. Why I ended up with a promotional bottle of the stuff is beyond me. It literally appeared on my porch a few weeks back without any word or warning. After letting it sit for a while, I cracked it open this past weekend to give it a taste.

Aroma: I got the aroma of cherry wood, or at least what I believe cherry wood is supposed to smell like. Tara, when getting a blast, went straight to cherry cough syrup. Tara is not a fan of sweetness in her alcohol.

Mouthfeel: It is a tad syrupy, not surprisingly. Not overly so, but the sugars do make it feel a bit more viscous than just straight whiskey.

Taste: It is very sweet, but the basic elements of bourbon are still there, not overwhelmed by the sugars. From my point of view, this would make a great mixer, but isn’t something you want to drink straight. This may, in fact, be the point of this drink.

Drinkability: It’s not a bad drink at all, and should compete nicely with the plethora of over whiskey based liqueurs already on the market. That they added black cherry instead of maple, or pecan, definitely provides the consumer with an interesting new choice. If you like whiskey based liqueurs, I would recommend this. Not a high recommendation, but one nonetheless.

Rating: B