Rituals and Traditions

I seem to be one of those people who carry around an odd, seemingly contradictory stance regarding traditions when it comes to food. I am a huge proponent of new products and techniques, introducing new, unique, and hopefully revolutionary takes on food. Change is the only constant in life, and to have new options available to a food fiend is what makes talking about the topic so much fun. It matters not if it means discovering sous vide, or an as-yet-undiscovered flavor of a Kit-Kat Bar (Lemon Cheesecake? Color me intrigued!) To me, these are two variations of the same theme. Variety and change are good for the soul.

At the same time I carry a healthy respect for tradition and rituals. I believe that these events help ground us, make us feel part of this play known as the human experience. Besides, too much change leads to chaos. How can one meditate on the joys of life if that life is always in a state of flux? It is this respect for tradition that has fueled the fires of my love for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Of course this means one has to have traditions in order to celebrate them. For Tara and myself, this results in having someone else cook the big meal for us on Turkey day, usually at a restaurant.

This year, we’re heading down to Portland. There are several reasons for this. One is to have a great meal. The second is to stay at our favorite hotel. The third is to hit up Powells books on Black Friday in order to do some X-mas shopping as well as to feed the book addiction that contributes to this:

And if you think that this is no big deal, consider the fact that there is a full book case off to the right of the picture and yet another full book case in my bedroom.

Additionally, I have talked Tara into heading over to VooDoo Dooughnuts. Because c’mon…look at their menu! Remember what I was saying about variety earlier?

But I digress.

We’re heading to Portland later this week for Thanksgiving, so I’m taking tomorrow and Thursday off, at least in regard to this here site. You can still follow me on Twitter if one is so inclined.