Riz au Coca!


So… those of you who guessed that I would try to make riz au coca were right. Alex showed up at my apartment a few nights ago, hungry, and since my roommate and I had already had our dinner, he suggested that we try riz au coca.

We checked the cupboards, and sure enough, I had all the necessary ingredients… except for the ham. Since the host of the show (which I’ve since found out isn’t from an Internet channel, but a real television channel, No Life, that is about a year old), said that the ham was easily interchangeable with other ingredients, we decided to use cheese. As Alex says, anything is better with cheese.


I started out by helping, but then Alex wanted to do it himself. Here’s a photo of his expert cutting skillz.


The rice cooks in a combination of Coke, water and a bouillon cube.


We added cheese when the rice was cooked. We started with two slices, but then Alex decided that it wasn’t enough. It’s like they say: you can never be too thin, too rich, or have too much cheese.


In the end, riz au coca wasn’t for me. Alex was eating it and really enjoying it, so I decided to give it a taste. It tasted, as I expected, like rice and Coke. It was sweet. I was not a huge fan.


Alex, however, finished the leftovers for breakfast. The combination of sweet and salty is something that a lot of different chefs are trying out more and more. Sometimes I like it, but I’m still very sensitive to it, especially when the sweet is not fruit-related.

In the end, I personally didn’t like riz au coca, but it wasn’t quite as inedible as I had expected. I guess some people really like that sort of thing. Go figure.