Roero Arneis – 2004 Bruno Giacosa

Roero Arneis - 2004 Bruno Giacosa I could have picked any number of wines when choosing one from the Piemonte region of Italy. I ended up selecting a Arneis, simply because I had never heard of this varietal before, and I was struck curious.

The Arneis grape variety takes its name from a word in Piedmontese dialect which means “whimsical”, which I presume to mean that’s how they look at the grape…as “whimsical”. Instantly my mind turned to images of a grape whistling care-free and ready with the humorous anecdote about their Uncle Louie.

This is simply how my mind operates. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now: I did way too many drugs when I was in college.

Arneis are dry white wines. They are best served chilled, between 45-50 degrees F. They are renown for how well they go with seafood.

Eyes: A good straw yellow color. The rim is nearly translucent, but when you give it a swirl, it holds onto the glass very well, with thick droplets slowly crawling down the side of the glass.

Nose: Almost an apricot aroma, with also the distinct smell of sand. Very peculiar.

Taste: Sharp and crisp. Tastes like a cross between a pear and a very tart apricot, with a small kick at the end. Very nice finish, with a long slow decline.

Overall: My bias is against dry whites, but this is very nice. Flavorful, and not overwhelming dry. I would buy this again in an instant. I give this a 3 on the 1-3 scale.

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