Ruth Reichl: TV Star?

Wow. Word on the street is that HBO is considering producing a half-hour comedy based on the books of Ruth Reichl.

HBO is teaming with Cary BrokawCary Brokaw, exec producer of “Angels in America” and “Wit,” on a half-hour comedy based on the memoirs of food writer Ruth Reichl.


Project will pick up with Reichl’s second book “Comfort Me With Apples,” which covers her evolution from chef to food writer in addition to the dissolution of her first marriage, a sexual awakening at the start of a second and motherhood at the age of 40.


Look, I’m a fan of Ms. Reichl’s books. But I am also a fan of Anthony Bourdain and respect Emeril Lagasse (yes, he’s a goofball but the man loves his food). However, I would like to present the following evidence to the court:

Kitchen Confidential


Good luck to Ms. Reichl and all involved. But I’m not all that convinced that it may work. Food personalities and TV shows are a tough mix.

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