Salt: I love you like a Rock

In the 2 + years of doing this blog, I have never featured a spice or herb. This is an oversight on my part, as I’ve been focusing so much on food products, that the items we use to flavor our food have been left unresearched. I’m about to change that by focusing on Salt for the next few weeks or so.

First things first…humans never really discovered salt in the way that we’ve discovered bread making, or how to domesticate sheep. Our bodies need salt in ordert to survive, much in the same way that our bodies need water. Without salt, a person will experience headaches, weakness, then light-headedness, then nausea, and eventually death. So we, as a species had found ways to integrate salt into our diet, whether we new it or not. Whether it was flavoring items with sea water, or adding blood and meat to our dishes and diet, we unknowingly imbibed salt.

But at some point, we understood that salt was a necessity, for not only do humans require salt, but so do all animals, including domesticated ones. If you have a herd of cattle, or a flock of sheep, you would have had to find a way to get salt into their diet as well. It was through this need that it was likely that salt became one of the world’s first commodities.

It’s also important to note that salt is neither an herb or a spice, but rather a mineral. Actually, it’s several differing minerals, depending upon what kind of salt you use. Sodium chloride is the most widely known today.

At any rate, we’re doing salt for a time or so, and expect some more history, a few recipes, and my blood pressure getting higher.

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