Salt Taste Test

Last night was “Salt taste test” night in our household, which speaks more to our lack of social life than anything else…but I digress.

We had arranged to have several different types of salt, including Sel Gris, Korean Salt, Palm Island Red Gold, and my own personal favorite, Black Lava salt (It’s puuuuuurrty).

Slices of cucumbers were cut up and sprinkled with it with a type of salt. From there, results were tabulated, notes were compared, and conclusions were made. The two primary conclusions that I arrived at were:

1) Some of the salts did differ in taste…slightly. So slight, in fact, that a person would have to be looking for the difference to even notice it upon a slice of cucumber. If placed in a dish with stronger flavors, it’s unlikley that the difference would be noted at all.

2) Texture made a great deal of difference. Some had an enjoyable crunch, others felt light upon the tongue. Texture would also change via the method of its application, whether used for roasting, baking, sauce making or simply finishing a dish.

So, the conclusion I reached is as follows (and probably would not be a surprise too many professional chefs out there): The type of salt one purchases should primarily be determined by the “mouthfeel” one wishes to acheive with a dish. Of course this only works if you’re purchasing some variation of sodium chloride. Purchase potassium chloride, and you’re on your own.

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