Seattle Food Blogger/Writer Meetup

Every month, a group of food writers/bloggers in Seattle have been getting together to get to know one another, to exchange tips and hints, and to socialize with one another. It is typically a fairly laid back affair, but one filled with good coffee and good talk.

This month’s meetup is to take place on Thursday, October 15th, at the Wayward Cafe in Greenwood. Start time is roughly 7pm, and lasts until it breaks up, usually no longer than 90 minutes to two hours later.

If you want to hang out and see what others are up to, or if you want to meet a fresh face or two of people involved in the Seattle Food Scene, feel free to stop by this Thursday!

Wayward Cafe
8570 Greenwood Ave N,
Seattle, WA‎ –
(206) 706-3240‎