Seattle PI’s Pro BBQ State Championship

Call me a traditionalist, but I think that there are some food cuisines that should be left to the region in which they were discovered. This is why I view a Seattle BBQ festival with the same amount of skepticism as I would if there were oyster eating festivals in Texas or Kansas City.

But that’s not going to stop me from heading out to Sand Point Magnuson Park, (7400 Sand Point Way N.E.) for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Low & Slow Pro BBQ State Championship – or as I shall call it SPILSAPBBQSC, (which rolls off the tongue just as easily).

Because the SPILSAPBBQSC, for the first time, an official State Championship (as so ordered by a governor’s proclamation, which makes me wonder just how busy our esteemed Governor actually is), the winner of this event will not only win the grace and admiration of all PacNW BBQ-r’s, but also a chance to qualify for the two major competitions that remain in the season: the Jack Daniel’s Invitational and the American Royal. The fact that they only win a chance to qualify for these two major BBQ events speaks much to how serious the southern BBQ-r’s take this particular event, which is to say not so serious at all.

But that hasn’t stopped the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from going all ga-ga about this event,not only writing no less than six articles about the event in today’s Food section, but also sponsoring the dern thing….which speaks to how serious the food editors at the PI take their ideas of what conflict of interest entails, which is also to say not so serious at all.

But if your in the Pac NW, and like BBQ, by all means head up to the event. Wave hi to Tom Douglas, local Chef near-god or Wayne Johnson, executive chef at Andaluca. Drink some free Thomas Kemper (One of the two kickin’ soda companies here in Seattle). Or simply indulge in plenty of Good BBQ.

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