Seattle Teriyaki Reviews: Yummy Teriyaki

Yummy Teriyaki
4746 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

This here is the first of hopefully dozens reviews of teriyaki restaurants found here in Seattle. I’m going to try to publish these primarily on Saturdays, when traffic is a little slower on the site, and the readers tend to be more from the Pacific NW. This is me giving back to my community.

I have to say that writing reviews on Saturday mornings is fraught with distractions. First, my head is full of cobwebs from sleeping in. The caffeine (in the form of a latte from the local cafe) has yet to fully take affect. Instead of the words jumping out from the page, they’ll more likely wave, or perhaps give a simply nod of acknowledgment.

It has been my experience that the great majority of teriyaki restaurant in the Seattle area work on two premises which can summed up in one sentence: We must sell cheap food served in as short of a time as possible. As “taste” or “quality” never really make it into consideration, I have found that there are teriyaki establishments so bad as to be comical. A discovery of an adequate teriyaki restaurant is akin to winning five dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket: It’s a little unexpected, but not unheard of, and in several days the experience will be forgotten.

Which brings me to Yummy Teriyaki. The oxymoronic phrase “perfectly mediocre” describes the place wonderfully. The reasons are listed below.

Chicken Teriyaki:
Chicken: (2.5 point) The chicken was charbroiled, which was good. It was also borderline dry, which was not good, but acceptable. It was rather apparent that the chicken had not been marinated in the sauce, but rather was dipped in the sauce after cooking.

Teriyaki Sauce: (3 points) The sauce was sweet but it was used sparingly. This could have worked if the chicken and rice tasted better. Since this was not case, it made the weakness of the chicken stand out, and there was little to no sauce left to mix with the rice.

Rice: (2.5 points) It was your typical white sticky rice. Sticky, but a little underdone, making it nearly crunchy.

Side Dishes: (4 points)It was a rather nice cabbage slaw, a nice turn from the iceberg lettuce salads that usually accompany teriyaki dishes.

Menu: (3 points)
It was a fairly standard menu. It did include the Korean dish Bulgogi, which typically indicates to me that this was not a “traditional” teriyaki restaurant.

Other Entrees: (2.5 points)
Tara had the Spicy Chicken, and found it not great, but acceptable. She also had the gyoza which was not made in house, but rather obviously started the day frozen.

Intangibles: (4 points) Service was good and the presentation of the food caught us off guard (in a good way).

Total score? 21.5 out of 35 possible for an average score of 3.1. See? Perfectly mediocre.

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