Should Teachers Be Exempt From Junk Food Bans?

Ok, so I admit it – back in my school years, my eating habits were unruly. It wasn’t unusual for me to down an ice cream and a bag of chips for lunch, in between the gossip and babble with my noon-time friends. My money went for junk because it was always the tastiest of my options – mystery meat, a dying salad bar, or a bag of chips?

Back in 2007, the state of Oregon passed a law banning the sale of junk food at schools across the state. Surprisingly, however, I read this week that the Oregon House approved a bill making teachers exempt from the state law. It seems many Oregon teachers believe that it’s an ‘injustice’ to ban sodas and other high-sugar snacks from teacher lounges and want the law rewritten.

Lake Oswego teacher Joel Glick said it’s often not convenient for teachers to bring soda pop or other junk food snacks to school with them.

“Teachers work very hard and when on occasion we forget to pack a can of juice or soft drink in our lunch boxes, we really don’t have time during our half-hour lunch break to drive back and forth to pick one up” at the store, Glick said.

While other states have teachers exempted from such laws, supporters of the junk food ban suggest it to be the teacher’s responsibility to set a good example for their students by not indulging in junk at school.

What do you think?