Signs of the apocalypse – Energy Enhanced Spring Water

Here’s another sure sign that the bottled water market is…ahem…over-saturated.

Aquamantra: is Energy Enhanced Natural Spring Water that resonates with the energy and frequency of well-being. The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your life and NOW water, because you are what you THINK and you are what you DRINK. We deliver powerful messages to you through the mantras, I AM HEALTHYâ„¢, I AM LOVEDâ„¢ or I AM LUCKYâ„¢.

I’m not sure what amuses/horrifies me the most – the fact that someone’s idea of a business model is to sell water that “uses the design on its labels to affect the molecular structure of California natural spring water to make it more refreshing and wholesome to drink” or that they’ve actually trademarked the phrases that have been applied to the water. How very Zen of them.

via Weighty Matters with an assist to Jack

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