Simple pleasures

How much better could life be? When one makes a dinner for another, and it comes out almost perfect, is there any better feeling? I’m not so sure.

Last night, I made Tara and myself Spaghetti Carbonarra. I used pancetta, fresh olive oil and grated my own parmesan and romano cheeses. For a side dish, I admittedly cheated and bought a Cabbage salad from Whole foods. Dessert was Chocolate Mousse.. made, by hand, by me.

We shared some Reisling, which went surprisingly well with the meal, and indulged in the traditionally winter Italian dish. And I have left overs for when I get home this evening.

What good cooking does for me is give me a sense of accomplishment. Sure Spaghetti Carbonarra isn’t the most difficult meal one can make, but it as good enough to make a simple dinner into an event.

Color me pleased.