Site Philosophies


(Side note: This is considered a “Page” in WordPress parlance. I’m not yet sure how this will work in the layout of this site. You’ve been warned, as have I.)


There has to be a way in which we, as human beings put on this planet for reasons mostly unexplained, can find something that can best be defined as a “purpose” (if you hear laughing, check behind you for a nihilist).

I have my own idea on how I wish my life to be, with some understanding of chaos and other similar unexpected events that can pop forth, up to , and including my own demise.

Yet I sit here, recognizing I have many resources available to me, and notably more than many have had in the past, and certainly more than many people currently do.  Acknowledging all of this, it seems to me that by managing my access to these resources, I should be able to shape my life into something interesting to me, and hopefully others around me.

One of those resources is this lil’ ol’ blog, which has been chugging along for eight years as of this writing, and it would be a shame if I didn’t take full advantage of what this medium can do.

So, this page on this here blog? This page is to be a collection of thoughts, to share and explain the machinations of my head. Think of it as blog version of a behind-the-scenes commentary on a Blu-Ray DVD. My hope, is not to answer the big questions, but to create a guide for myself that I can apply in real life.

Once I get to a point where I feel comfortable, I will retire this topic, and sally forth into the future.

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