Skinless Garlic

Those jars of minced garlic are a waste of time. They are either lacking in flavor, soupy, or oftentimes both. So those of us who cook regularly go about our ways, buying garlic in cloves, the skin still intact. Skin, I should add, that is also difficult to remove at times.

Mark Bittman extols the virtue of skinless cloves of garlic. People have been working on selling garlic this way for several years, but haven’t found a proper way to remove the garlic skins without ruining the garlic.

Until now. A worker was cleaning a warehouse with an air hose, saw a coffee can with garlic in it, and sprayed some of the compressed air into the can. The peels came flying right off. So now high-pressure air is blown onto cloves in stainless steel buckets. That’s it; there are no preservatives, and the garlic is packed in ordinary jars.

Personally, I’m going to with hold judgement on skinless garlic until I get a chance to use it myself. But, garlic freak that I am, this could open up new worlds of cooking. Imagine being able to use ten, twenty, even thirty cloves of garlic in a single dish of, say, roast chicken. Imagine garlic soup! Oh, my heart is all aflutter.

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