So Long, Farewell…

This is my last post on Accidental Hedonist. Honestly, I hate good-byes. I don’t even like to sign going away cards for departing co-workers. Whatever I write sounds like something from a high school yearbook. So I’ll keep it simple.

Thanks to Kate for letting me rant and ramble every Thursday for the last six months. I couldn’t have asked for a better forum.

A big shout-out to my fellow guest writers, Ben, Emily and Charmian. I loved reading their weekly posts, and I hope they enjoyed their stint here as much as I enjoyed mine.

And thanks. of course, to AH’s readers. You’ve encouraged me, and challenged me, and even made me change my mind about a thing or two. And that is no small feat.

I guess this isn’t really a “good-bye”, more of a “see you later”. There’s always something to good to talk about here. So I’m sure I’ll see y’all in the comment sections.