Soda Club’s PR firm responds to my Penguin Post

The title of this here post is possibly the weirdest thing I have ever put to digital type.


In the interest of providing a fair shake to those who I critique on my site, I feel that it’s in the best interest to allow the makers of the Penguin to respond. So here’s an e-mail I received from a gentleman from the PR department who represents Soda-Club.

Hi Kate,

I just came across your review of the Soda-Club Penguin. Thank you for the coverage and especially for including an image and link to the Soda-Club website!

Some other things I noticed are:

It looks like you added the syrup to the water before carbonating. The proper way is to first carbonate the water, then add the syrup and mix by flipping the covered carafe upside down. (This could have cured your Penguinâ??s bladder problem.)

The beauty of a home soda machine is the ability to control the carbonation and flavor. To have â??not so sweetâ? soda, simply add less syrup. Carbonation is controlled by the number of â??pumps.â?

For an average soda drinker, the cost of $100 dollars will easily pay for itself. The cost of seltzer made with the Soda-Club home soda maker costs as little as 17 cents per liter. Soda made with the Soda-Club home soda maker costs as little as 42 cents per liter. Savings are even greater when you factor in the cost of flat, wasted store-bought soda.

I just thought this might help you to enjoy the machine a little more moving forward. J


S&S Public Relations

He’s correct in the fact that I did place the syrup in before carbonation. I didn’t realize that was the wrong way to make the soda. However, the instruction manual gives no statement on how to use the syrups. To be fair, the syrup instructions may have been on the packet containing the syrups, which I ignored completely.

As for Jason’s other points? I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide if the machine is worth it. I should also note that the Penguin has kept my attention for a longer period of time than the yogurt maker I also recently purchased. Make of that what you will.

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