Some basic soup types

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Bisque: A cream based fish or seafood soup.

Borscht: A Russian stew made with beets, tomatoes, cabbage or sometimes meat.

Bouillabaisse: A French fishermans’s stew, made with a mixture of fish, shellfish, garlic, tomatoes, saffron, and fennel.

Bouillon: A clear seasoned broth.

Broth: A thin soup of beef, chicken, seafood or other meat stock.

Chowder: A long involved history, named from the type of pot used to make the soup (Chaudière). Now known as a cream based seafood soup, often with potatoes.

Consommé: Clear soup of beek, chicken, or seafood stock containing pieces of solid food.

Gazpacho: Chilled, pureed summer vegetables, especially tomatoes. Older recipes were thickened with bread.

Gumbo: Soup thickened with okra (in fact the word ‘Gumbo’ comes from the word Quingombo, the Congon word for okra) or sassafras root. Often has cayenne and/or andouille sausage.

Madrilene: A tomato based consummé.

Minestrone: Vegetable and bean Italian soup.

Mulligatawny: Indian soup of countless varities. Some are broth based, others cream based, almost all have curried meat or seafood.

Posole: A Latin American Stew made with chile peppers, veggies, hominy and broth.

Stew: Browned meat, poultry or seafood, simmered with vegetables with just enough water to cover all ingredients.

Stock: Liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered. Used as a basis of soups and sauces.

Vichyssoise: French soup, made with potatoes, leeks, stock, and cream. The soup is then pureed and chilled.

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