Some Candy Statistics

Since some of you liked the stats that I put up about Fast Food, here are some more stats surrounding Candy Bars.

Again, there’s no judgement here. I’m simply reporting the facts (gosh, I’ve always wanted to say that).

  • Amount the average American spends on Candy – $84
  • Amount of candy consumed annually by the average American = 23.9 pounds
  • Amount of chocolate candy annually consumed by the average American – 11.6 pounds
  • Percentage of the world’s almonds that end up in chocolate – 40%
  • Percentage of candy sales that are impulse buys – 55%
  • Rank of Holidays listed by Candy Sales : 1. Halloween 2. Easter 3. Christmas 4. Valentine’s Day
  • Typical color distribution in the M&M’s : Blue 10%, Green 10%, Tan 10%, Red 20%, yellow 20%, brown 30% (+/- 2% per color)
  • Largest Per capita candy consumption in the world: Denmark
  • Largest per capita chocolate consumption in the world: Switzerland

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