Some Dim Sum Help Needed

If there’s anything I hate most in the world, it’s me not knowing, or having incorrect knowledge of, a subject in which I have interest. Right now I have a strong interest in Dim Sum, but there are several variables I need to overcome in order to get even a baseline understanding of such a huge topic. This includes putting proper names to dishes.

Right now, I need help placing a dish. It looks like this:

The inside of this dish, which contains spinach chives and shrimp, looks like this:

My question is this – What is the proper name for this dim Sum dish? It looks like a pot sticker (which clearly isn’t a traditional name), but its larger size and yellow hue is throwing me off. Part of me wants to believe that it is simply a pot sticker that is made on site rather than purchased frozen, but I am unsure. And if my hunch is correct, how did it get its yellow hue? And what is the traditional name of pot stickers, regardless of if this is one or not.

Much more on Dim Sum in the future, and likely many, many more questions.