Some Good News – FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Is Now Law

Lost amongst the New Years news was this little nugget of information.

On Tuesday, January 04, 2011, the President signed into law:

H.R. 2751, the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act,” which modernizes the food safety system to better prevent food-borne illness and better respond to outbreaks;

I’ve been bitching about the FDA for quite some time now, and while the law is not perfect, it does address some of the problems that the FDA has been having of late. It would give the FDA mandatory recall authority, require food producers to have qualifying plans in place for identifying and addressing safety risks, require importers to verify the safety of all imported foods, and more, all of which was much needed.

Now I know that with the new Republican House, measures may be taken to de-fund or outright no-fund the new regulations. Dr. Nestle is already on that watch. But for the time being? I’m simply going to enjoy this small victory.

If you want to read what the Act accomplishes, read below the jump.